About Me

I am an Argentinian native but I have lived in the Greater Seattle area since 2003. My husband  and I are proud parents of two beautiful girls and a dog. I am passionate about healthy living and nutrition. I believe that human bodies were made to move, and that is what I do all the time! I am an enthusiastic yogini, skier, paddle boarder and hiker!  I truly believe in the physical and spiritual benefits of a consistent yoga practice. A few years ago, I had a skiing accident and I needed reconstructive knee surgery; a daily and consistent yoga practice was a critical factor in my complete rehabilitation. I believe that everybody, regardless of age, physical abilities and body type can find immense inner peace, health and fitness in a consistent yoga practice. I decided to become a yoga teacher to share my passion for yoga with others and inspire them to become healthier, stronger and more relaxed. I feel honored and privileged to guide other people to experience the benefits of this amazing ancient discipline, achieve their fitness goals and ultimately, live a more peaceful and soulful life.