People practice yoga for many reasons.  At its most basic level, yoga delivers a terrific, low-impact, yet high-intensity and fun workout.  Many leverage yoga to train for activities like skiing, dancing or racquet sports. Still others use yoga as a long-term approach to prevent, manage or combat injury or chronic pain.  Many NFL players and other professional athletes avidly practice yoga! 


Some people enjoy the social element of group exercise and the motivation that a regular class schedule provides.  Others come to yoga for mental and spiritual reasons.  Yoga naturally reduces stress and anxiety, encourages mental focus and calmness.  And some even find deeper levels of spiritual awakening through yoga. 


Regardless of what motivates you, I’m thrilled to be there with you, guiding your practice and cheering you on!

Yoga is for everybody! If you can breathe, you can practice yoga!

Let yoga make you feel Amazing inside and out.